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Free  JOURN-E  Digital Samplers

Digital FREE Samplers of all issues of 

JOURN-E: The Journal of Imaginative Literature

are available in both PDF and HTML versions.

The links beside each issue

will initiate either a PDF file download or

a view of the Sampler as a Web Page in HTML.

NOTE: Expect a slight delay as HTML pages load.

JOURN-E 1.1 Sampler

JOURN-E 1.2 full cover.jpg

JOURN-E 1.2 Sampler

JOURN-E 2.1 COVER Work 33.png

JOURN-E 2.1 Sampler

JOURN-E 2.2 COVER FINAL 90ppi.jpg

JOURN-E 2.2 Sampler

Purchase EITHER:
A PDF wysiwyg format Two-Issue Subscription to JOURN-E  full issues
(includes the current and next issues) for only $10.00

Any one (1) issue [current or previous] in PDF wysiwyg format
of JOURN-E  full issue for ONLY $5.00
NOTE: These are WYSIWYG contents of the full print editions in PDF format.

These prices represent only about a quarter of the cost of the print edition and S&H.
contact: for details

You can purchase a PDF wysiwyg copy of ANY MIND'S EYE PUBLICATION
at HALF THE COST of the print version noted on lulu dot com. SAVE on both price and no S & H.

contact editor@mindseyepublications for details.


JOURN-E 3.1 Cover for MEP.jpg

JOURN-E 3.1 Sampler

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