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Submissions Information & Criteria


A Call for Submissions will be announced on this website and elsewhere via social media for all proposed themed anthologies. Thus far, The Gargoylicon  and The Vampiricon have been published. This series will continue with The Lycanthropicon: Imaginings & Images of the Werewolf ( to be published 15 Feb. 2024). That anthology will be followed by:

The Phantomicon: Imaginings and Images of the Ghost (Call to be announced in late 2024 or early 2025).

There are established Call Dates for JOURN-E: The Journal of Imaginative Literature

The Call for the Vernal Equinox issue each year will be made on 1 February (Imbolc), with the cut-off on the last day of February. The Call for the Autumnal Equinox issue will be made on 1 August (Lammas), with the cut-off on the last day of August. Quotas for maximum number of entries are set for each of the five genres covered in this semi-annual journal: Horror & the Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Detection & Mystery, and Adventure (note: the quota levels for these genres are here listed in descending number of submissions needed to fill the quota and close off further submissions). The cut-off for submissions will likely be reached PRIOR TO the posted final date for submissions—based upon prior rates and quantities of submissions.


JOURN-E seeks short fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and illustration in these several genres. Each issue also contains public domain "classics" in every genre.

Other publications will include collections of poetry and short fiction by individual writers. Announcements of pending publications and publication dates will be on this web site and also sent out with the mailing list to subscribers.



  • The top left of page 1 of your digitally submitted document (.docx, .doc, .rtf, or .odt file) should contain—at the top left—YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, inclusive of name, address, email, and any other contact information you wish to provide.

  • The WORD COUNT for your document (excluding title, by-line, and any epigraph) should be given at the top right corner of page one.

  • The document should be set in Times Roman or Times New Roman, 12-point.


  • Except for your contact information on the top left of page one, which may be single spaced, ALL OF THE TEXT SHOULD BE DOUBLE SPACED.

  • DO NOT tab indent paragraphs. DO NOT use your space bar for pargraph indents. Use the Ruler Bar of your word processor to set a small margin (at least one pica, at most one quarter of an inch).

  • ShowTITLES of long works (novels, novellas, full-length films, symphonies, works that contain shorter works within, etc.) IN ITALICS; show titles of short works (short stories, poems, essays, chapters, etc.) "IN QUOTES."

  • Show breaks in the piece of prose (if any) by THREE CENTERED ASTERISKS ( * * * ) [star space star space star].

  • Minimum and Maximum WORD COUNTS for prose fiction and non-fiction prose will be announced in each Call for Submissions.




  • SINGLE-SPACE POETRY with any indents clearly set in the submitted document.

  • Submissions of "PROSE POEMS" will be considered poetry, BUT will be transformed to poetic line count by the formula: Total # of Syllables/10, thus approximating iambic pentameter line lengths.

  • Maximum and Minimum LINE COUNTS for poetry will be announced in each Call for Submissions.

  • Both formal, traditional, metered and/or rhymed verse AND free verse are welcome for submission.

ALL ILLUSTRATIONS, ART, or PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK must be submitted in 300 dpi resolution (whether color or black and white).

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of the scroll of any text document submitted INCLUDE A BIOGRAPHICAL "BLURB" and/or credits (publications, awards, contests, etc). This must be completed for consideration of your work. Works submitted lacking this submitter's information or not following these Guidelines will be rejected.


In the case of SUBMITTED ILLUSTRATIONS: Submitters should send biographical blurbs in an email to:

NOTE: There is also a place on the Submission Form to include this info (copy/paste?)


(NOTE: ONLY ONE (1) Submission per genre/per category may be submitted by any single submitter. This DOES NOT MEAN that a single submitter cannot submit one  submission in each of different genres and categories:

Beginning with JOURN-E vol. 3, no. 1, Vernal Equinox 2024, the following maximums for content published will apply:

  • No more than three selections of Short Fiction in each of the five genres

  • No more than five selections of Poetry in each of the five genres

  • No more than two selections of a Non-Fiction Article or Review in each of the five genres

  • No more than two Illustrations in each of the five genres, with the caveat that the aggregate of half-page and full page accepted illustrations is no more than two-and-one-half pages.


  • 1/4 cent per word for accepted FICTION and NON-FICTION, but with a MINIMUM of  $7.50 and a MAXIMUM of $15.00. Word Counts for Fiction should be from 1500 to 6000 words. Word Counts for Non-Fiction should be from 1000 to 5000 words.

  • $5.00 for accepted Poems of fewer than 14 lines; $10.00 for poems of 14 lines or more, with a MAXIMUM of 100 lines.

  • $7.50 for accepted Half-Page Illustrations; $15.00 for accepted Full-Page Illustrations; or for a full page of Cartoon Cells.

NOTE: These Pay Rates will be higher IF AND ONLY IF

REVENUES on JOURN-E and ANTHOLOG Y sales warrant it.




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